Jeannine Parvati Baker is the firstborn daughter, to Vicki and Frank O’Brien, (an interweave of
Jewish and Native American heritage) whose hospital birth in Los Angeles on June 1st, 1949, was
the catalyst for her later book on Prenatal Yoga.  Her parents, like yours most likely, had no idea
that the medical rituals would affect the soul of the family so deeply.  Vicki still remembers her
humiliation when her doctor’s promise to “take care of her’ materialized in a medicated and
traumatic delivery.  

Hearing this birth story prompted Jeannine to investigate her own birth psychology, which was
done at San Francisco State University in the 1960.  Through primal and a whole host other
therapies, as well as her personal yogini practice and ashtanga studies with Baba Hari Dass,
Jeannine realized the gift of her own birth as a motivator to work toward making every baby’s
arrival an ecstatic one for all involved.   She authored the first book on prenatal Yoga in the
West, entitled
Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth.  

After her first three babies were born without drugs, Jeannine published her Master's thesis in
Hygieia:  A Woman's Herbal, a book much loved the world over.  Jeannine had an
active career in midwifery and began teaching through Hygieia College, an International
Mystery School, what she calls “womancraft” – a way to realize the possible ecstasy for women
through fertility awareness and homebirth.   Soon after came
Conscious Conception:  Elemental
Journey through the Labyrinth of Sexuality
, co-authored with Frederick Baker and Tamara

After the waterbirths of her last two babies, the work shifted to Freebirth – where the mother is her
own midwife.  Jeannine has spoken at conferences (as keynote) around the world, been
interviewed for numerous periodicals, broadcasting media, and films, and has written extensively
on the topic of Freebirth for over a generation.  She is published in both scientific journals and
the lay press, and is widely anthologized.

Jeannine also works as an eco-activist for the sake of our earth by integrating primal psychology
with effective activism on a political level. To this end, Jeannine sustains the Six Directions
Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational corporation devoted to optimal personal,
family, and planetary health.  Six Directions also organized the local organic food buying club
and sponsored Birth Education Film Showings.  Jeannine is a member and speaker for the Pre
and Perinatal Psychology and Health Associotion,  Six Directions contributes to the APPPAH
Congresses held –bi-annually in the USA by sponsoring Jeannine to conduct workshops and
participate as a panelist.  Six Directions also sponsors the work of NOCIRC-UT – and Jeannine
speaks at all of the US and International Symposia on Genital Integrity.

As a
grandmother, Jeannine personally guides many through consultations (in person, through
email, snail mail, and by phone) on a variety of topics: ceremonies, fertility, conscious
conception, pregnancy support and Freebirth, extended breastfeeding, freeschool, dreams,
natural healing, forensic psychology, co-custody, deep ecology, menopause, and astrology.  
For over a quarter of a century, Jeannine has been reading horoscopes (transits, comparison
charts) in the manner of a midwife – asking the right question at the right time so that the truth
will deliver itself.  She has taught Prenatal Yoga, all levels-Yoga, and Meditation throughout the
last 30 years.

Gardening and dancing are two more life callings for Jeannine,; she can often be found doing
both at the same time.  Hiking and swimming with the family rank on the top of her list for re-
creation.  Museums, arboretums, planetariums, and oceanariums are often visited in tours of this
beautiful country and the rest of the exquisite world.  Jeannine is a frequent speaker at
gatherings and wherever she goes, some of her children and a grandchild may accompany
and/or teach themselves.  She has spoken to such diverse groups as the Utah State Congress
and to the 20th Rainbow Gathering, to name two extremes.  She can also be found speaking
her truth at Education, Herb, Psychology, Naturopathic, Midwifery, Water Birth, Spiritual, and
Women’s Conferences, and wherever she invited, you can experience Jeannine’s word